Branding with Matt Mead Photography

Your business isn’t like everyone else’s, so your marketing images shouldn’t be either!


Matt Mead is bringing Erie, PA highly-targeted branding photography for small businesses that promote people, products, and personalities. You got into business to make an impact – let’s create marketing images that do just that!

What’s the deal with branding photography?

You’ve heard you need them, but why?

35 million people are on social media daily – that’s a lot of potential customers considering 54% of buyers research companies on social media before making a purchase.

That means that headshot of you, arms crossed with a winning smile towards the camera, just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Your buyers want to know YOU. They want to know about your products. Trust in who you are and what you do starts with sharing your brand story.

I’m here to help.

What We Do

We partner with personal brands and local small businesses to plan, style, and create compelling imagery that will bring value to your brand through marketing images designed to share your brand story with your customers.

Because the truth is, we all love a good story. It’s time to start telling yours!

Featured Brands

Looking for personal branding and business photography with a marketing mindset?

Take a peek at our featured brands to see how their unique stories are told through purposeful images.

“Working with Matt was such a lovely experience. I could tell that he was hyper-aware of my vision, and was very mindful about bringing that vision to life. I appreciated working with Matt because he made the entire process fun and lighthearted, and I didn’t have a single moment of stress. Matt does an excellent job at creating a relaxed environment for the client, all while maintaining a superb standard of professionalism. Would recommend, 100%.”


Jess Royer

Sacred Ayla Tea Co.

Contact Us

Art inspires.  And a picture is worth a thousand words.  If your business could use some help with developing or strengthening your brand through highly converting marketing images, we’d be honored to have the opportunity to help you grow your business. 

We believe all intentional brand marketing starts by telling a good story. Naturally, that means we want to know yours.

Our business hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. We will do our best to get back to you by the next business day. Can’t wait to chat!

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