Meet Matt Mead Photography

Welcome to Branding with Matt Mead Photography – where marketing images and storytelling intersect

Matt Mead

Lead Photographer/Partner

I believe stories have the power to sell ideas, influence decisions and help people stand out in a crowd! With over 10 years of telling stories as a wedding photographer and running a business grown through a grassroots marketing approach, marrying (pun intended) these skills together into a photographer for small businesses just makes sense.

 Some other important facts to know about me:

I’m a lover of fine whiskey, Italian cuisine, and Teri Mead – and not necessarily in that order! After nearly 15 years together, there is honestly nothing better than a meal prepared side by side in our kitchen, and enjoyed together on the couch with a bottle of red wine.

Teri Mead

Studio Manager/Partner

I’m a numbers gal. Give me a spreadsheet over a camera any day of the week…while Matt works his magic behind the lens, I work mine behind the scenes managing bookings and client orders. Taking what I have learned from a career in nonprofit program administration, I support Matt through business management and focused client experience.

 Some fun facts about me:

If wine was a love language, I would speak fluent pinot noir. My Kate Spade purse collection is only rivaled by the collection of dog hair that covers my lap thanks to two very spoiled puppies.

We’re Better Together

Based in Erie, PA, we are partners in business and in life because, quite simply, we’re better together. Matt brings the creative vision and passion for storytelling to everything we do together, whether it is traveling abroad or snuggled up at home. Teri brings the warmth and organization to our partnership. From truly spectacular feats of culinary delight in the kitchen to having a line in the spreadsheet for just about everything we need to keep track of, her ability to organize a space and make people feel at home is nothing short of brilliant. We bring out the best in each other, and together, we bring out the best in your brand by strategically creating images that both make sense for your marketing and tell a story that captivates your customers.

 Marketing is both an art and a science. Lucky for you, you have a bit of both when it comes to Branding with Matt Mead Photography. Through thoughtfully crafted questionnaires and strategy developed by Teri, paired with artistic storytelling with Matt, you’ll have highly targeted brand images to help further your brand message, and connect to your ideal clients.


Let Our Photos Do the Talking

The internet is a noisy space. Let’s get your business heard…without saying a word.

Our Favorite Things

(In no particular order)


The Regal Beagle reigns supreme in our home, served dutifully by her doting fans (It’s us in case you were wondering).

Ziva Dogvid

Named for the NCIS character, our girl is just as beautiful, clever, and fiercely loyal as her namesake.

Red Wine

No meal is complete without it. We’re not about that perfect pairing over here (unless we’re talking about Teri & Me!) – we eat and drink what we like!


We believe in traveling the world because it’s always a good idea to experience culture first hand. But, even with our love of adventure, we never turn down a chance to be together, cuddle on the couch with the pups!

From start to finish they knew what I, as a business owner, would be looking for in the branding session. They were great in working with the staff that didn’t feel so comfortable in front of the camera. The experience was superb!”

 Heather Hart

Owner, A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy

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Art inspires.  And a picture is worth a thousand words.  If your business could use some help with developing or strengthening your brand through highly converting marketing images, we’d be honored to have the opportunity to help you grow your business. 

We believe all intentional brand marketing starts by telling a good story. Naturally, that means we want to know yours. 

Our business hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. We will do our best to get back to you by the next business day. Can’t wait to chat!


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