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It is always an honor to tell a local brand story, but this session was an extra special treat! If you ever get the chance to chance surrounded by amazing people and beautiful Labrador retrievers for the day, we highly recommend it! Instant serotonin boost right there! Not to mention Sheryl Sundean, and her company, Sundance Retrievers, were a joy to capture.

Over here at Matt Mead Photography, we believe wholeheartedly in compelling and intentional brand photography. You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll keep saying it – great brand photography is crucial in the life and success of a business. Plus, we love working with exceptional entrepreneurs like Sheryl!

The mission at Sundance Retrievers focuses on working with young retrievers to fulfill their genetic possibilities and make the best version of themselves. Sundance Retrievers, located on a 200-acre private hunting preserve in Cranesville, PA, i’s tough for us to think of a more idyllic backdrop to build the business of your dreams!

A Supportive Experience

We asked Sheryl about what makes her excited and proud about Sundance. She responded that she is most proud of their dogs’ health and how easily they take to training. Sundance breeds and trains only the best of the best, with bloodlines from some of the top British, Irish, or American retrievers. All of their dogs undergo extensive genetic certifications to ensure top quality for their clients.

In our time spent with Sheryl and her team, we kept returning to the theme of providing the highest quality service. This is a top priority for Sundance; honestly, we couldn’t agree more. Creating a top-notch experience for your customers should be every business owner’s primary focus, and it’s one of ours as well! 

Intentional Service

When we work with branding clients, we prioritize it to be an enjoyable and positive experience. Like Sundance Retrievers, we place great value on client experience. We know it isn’t easy putting yourself in front of a camera. If you need some encouragement to get those branding photos scheduled, we’ll let Sheryl tell you more about working with us:

“It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Matt makes getting your picture taken fun and something you would look forward to doing.”

We take this as the highest praise! Like Sundance Retrievers values a simple, enjoyable experience for their clients, we value the same. We want your branding photos to be authentic, simple, and fun!



Service dog waits alone patiently for trainer in branding photo session
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