What is Brand Photography?

Ingredients for looseleaf teas in brand photography session

Hey there, business!  Look at you, doing your thing!  We see you selling your products and services. Go you! Out there on the world wide web, easy to find.  I’m digging your website—good links, some cool photos of your products, and engaging explanations of what you do.  Oh, and hey, there’s your social media!  Some fun tidbits about what your business is up to and where to find you.  Let me learn more about you.  Click, click.  Wow!  I love how you’ve grown your business.  Nice job! Let me see what you look like?  Oh, nice.  Ok, I know what you did here.  The headshot of you, with your arms, crossed, looking behind your shoulder at the camera.  Oh, your cousin helped take that photo?  On their phone, you say? For your business website?   It sounds like this is a job for….Matt Mead Branding!

Whether your business is just getting off the ground, you are a business veteran, or your business is something in between, the very least we can do is help improve upon your cousin’s photography skills!  Not only can we improve upon your “headshot,” but we can use our knowledge of business brand photography to convey to your customers who you are and what your business is all about.

Woman arranges loose leaf tea in a bowl for branding photography session

Headshots vs. Personal Branding

At Matt Mead Photography, we’re interested in helping you market your business to the next level.  Whether we’re promoting your people, products, or personalities, we use our skills to bring quality and highly targeted imagery to the Erie, PA, market.  Here’s why the investment of a personal brand for your business that best represents your unique capabilities is essential to your customers:

  • About 72% of Americans utilize social media daily in the US, translating into over 23 million people online every day.
  • In Erie, PA, over 70,000 people use social media…you guessed it…every day.
  • 54% of buyers, in current market trends, spend time researching companies on social media before making a purchase.

Bottom line: When you take your branding photography seriously, customers notice.  Anyone (Yes, even your sweet cousin) can pick up their cell phone and take a picture.   But, taking the time to present what your business represents it’s like the difference in your website being a Lunchable versus a Charcuterie Board. Both will feed you, but the time, effort, quality, and presentation speak for themselves.

Woman laughing while leading an outdoor class during personal branding photography session in Erie PA

What is a Personal Branding Session?

A personal branding session is just a marketing term for telling your story, and that’s what we get to decide together!  We take the best of your business, strategically create images that tell your story, creatively showcase your people, products, and services.

Set up of ingredients for loose leaf tea next to recipe notebook for brand photography session

With Matt Mead Branding, we combine the best of both worlds: art and photography with science and marketing.  Through thoughtfully crafted questionnaires and strategy developed by Teri, paired with artistic storytelling with Matt, you’ll have highly targeted brand images to help further your brand message, convert internet window shoppers into customers, and connect to your ideal clients.

massage therapist uses elbow to work on client's shoulder blade during brand photography session

Your customers want connection – customer service – and seeing who you are, doing what you do, makes you authentic.  The human connection is a powerful tool that transcends their internet searches.  Let’s give them what they’re looking for!

One on one coaching session for business brand photo session

Hey, I need Brand Photography! So, How Does This Work?

  1. Planning – Together, we plan your content and brand message to help identify and hone your target clientele.   This is where we get to use our 10+ years of marketing experience to help showcase your people, products, and services.  Our goal is always to communicate to your customers your brand message with clarity and consistency every time!
  2. Styling – We style your session.  We know what looks good, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need before your photoshoot.
  3. Photography – We take your photos and have some fun together! Then we teach you how to use your images effectively for marketing your business.

Staff member helps client for business brand photography session

The Matt Mead Branding Experience

If this type of business level up makes your heart beat a little faster, it’s time to take a deep dive into your brand messaging.  Let’s bring that clarity into your marketing through bespoke images that speak directly to your target market.  Together. Schedule your brand photography consultation with us today!