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We were honored to capture updated brand photography for local Erie entrepreneur Lois Thompson, owner of Quantum Balance Erie. Great brand photography is vitally important in the life of a business, especially when keeping a fresh online presence that connects with your audience authentically! We love working with outstanding local business owners like Lois! Her company, Quantum Balance, brings fresh air to Erie, and we are thrilled to highlight what she does for our community! 

Lois’s mission at Quantum Balance Erie is to develop wholeness and wellness in the people she serves. Lois accomplishes this with life coaching, spiritual guidance, and energy healing. Lois believes that to heal ailments and challenges in the body and mind, one must look at the entirety of a person because everything is interconnected – body, mind, and spirit. So, when working with clients, she sees the whole person and helps them address their challenges with a holistic method. What a beautiful way to treat people, right?!

A Holistic Approach 

Here at Matt Mead Photography, we’re not unlike Lois and her business at Quantum Balance Erie. We believe in capturing the whole person, in the context of how they’re serving others, rather than just quick one-and-done headshots. Understanding how an entrepreneur is so devoted to their company and how that company fits into the greater picture of the community is paramount to how we serve our branding clients. Lois takes the time to care for the whole person, and we made sure to take the same time and care to craft images that would communicate her heart.

In our time speaking with Lois, we loved hearing her continuous words: “I want people to feel heard and cared for, and for Quantum Balance to be a warm, safe, and welcoming space.” Lois sees her mission in life as “bringing healing to others in a compassionate, warm-hearted, and loving way.” 

After suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease for many years, Lois found holistic healing and was able to turn her pain into her purpose. How incredible is that?

Purposeful Authenticity

When we work with branding clients, our primary goal is to authentically capture their purpose so they can easily communicate that to their audience. We know getting yourself in front of the camera can be difficult sometimes! It’s not easy putting yourself out there, but it is essential in today’s marketing world. This is why hiring a photographer who is excellent at authentic portraiture is vital, so you can place your branding photos into the hands of someone you trust and get back to doing what you are so great at! Here’s what Lois had to say about working with us:

“I am camera shy, and Matt has a way of capturing the real me in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. Matt brings ease to an otherwise stressful (for me) situation. I believe Matt captured so many of the things I do in really meaningful ways, and I’m very grateful.”

We understand how overwhelming it can be to be confidently authentic in your visual branding, and we’d be honored to help you with that. We truly want you to be able to show off the most genuine version of yourself, and we promise you’ll have some fun along the way!



Headshot of smiling woman standing in the doorway of her office space
Woman performing Reiki session on woman lying on a table
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