How to Win More Clients with a Trustworthy Brand

Women smiling at each other in office setting

We’ve all visited those websites that feel a little sketchy, right? You know, the ones – where we think we want to buy what they’re selling, but the website doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that we will receive what we pay our hard-earned money towards. When up against that concern, I’ll often choose to take my business elsewhere because it’s important to me to feel confident that where I spend my money is a trustworthy brand. 

You don’t want your website to feel less reliable or, worse, drive away customers. You want potential clients to hop on, feel confident, and buy what you’re selling! This requires a website that builds brand trust. What makes a website feel trustworthy? Let’s chat about what that entails and how you can win more clients with a reliable website.

When potential buyers visit your website, they want a few things. Yes, they’re looking at possibly buying what you’re selling, but they also hope to find answers or a solution. Usually, we don’t buy something unless there’s a need to fill it or a problem to solve. So, when consumers visit a website, they also look for reassurance, confidence, and expertise. Here’s some branding tips to help build a trustworthy brand. 

Use a Professional Design

It’s never been easier to have a professionally designed website than it is right now. Most website platforms offer unique templates if hiring a great designer is not within your budget. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on your website’s template library, you can head to e-commerce sites such as or and find something affordable there. Trying to do something on your own that is not in your area of expertise is time-consuming and will never turn out as well as it could if someone experienced was taking it on. And a professional design speaks volumes to potential customers.

Include Testimonials

One tried & true way to back up your claims is to include reviews & testimonials on your site. It lends credibility, shows history, and increases the consumer’s comfort level. Use Google reviews and have them on your website. They are very unlikely to be fake. 

Ensure all the Links Work Correctly

Nothing is more annoying than clicking a link, taking you somewhere you didn’t want to go. If a customer is looking for information, make it easy to find! Name your links correctly, and double and triple-check those links (yes, even those tiny social media links in your footer) to ensure they navigate correctly.

Utilize a Well-Known Payment Processor

This should be fairly obvious, but if you’re taking payments on your site, make sure the payment processor is verified, secure, and well-known to most shoppers. A service like PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, etc will be much more reassuring than an unknown or unnamed processor.

Have Professional Photos

You had to know we would include this on the list! Yes, friends, this is SO important! Beautiful website imagery communicates professionalism, trustworthiness, and dedication to your craft. It lets visitors know you take what you do seriously. It provides visual clues as to what buyers can expect. And, for goodness sake, show your face! If a buyer is choosing you over a big box store, or a bigger-name service provider, they need to see your face! It builds brand trust and reassures buyers that they’re buying from a real person. Another great way to use pro photos on your site is to pair them with client testimonials so visitors can visualize what is being said and what is being provided. That’s when the magic happens!

So, let’s see you set some fantastic goals for your business in 2023, including getting that website in tip-top shape with a trustworthy brand! Don’t lose any more buyers because your website does not communicate brand trust. Let’s do this! As always, we’d LOVE to help you reach your goals for 2023. If updated branding photography or headshots are on your list (or if you just don’t know where to start regarding your website) contact us