Client Profile: Amber Lea Russell Copywriting & Photography

Amber & Jon Russell of Amber Lea Photography

You know that feeling when you are entirely put-together, confident, and ready with all the right words to say? It can make you feel unstoppable! When presenting your brand online, there is power in putting your best foot forward, both visually and in the written word. Having beautiful branding images is one piece of that puzzle. But having the right words to say? That’s where Amber comes in.

Amber Lea of Amber Lea Russell Copywriting

A Gift For Words

Our copywriter friend, Amber, and her husband, Jon, have been an unstoppable photography duo down in southern Arizona for over a decade. But photography isn’t all they do –  now, they’ll make you sound great, too! The first sentence you read when you visit Amber’s website goes like this: “Lost for words? No problem. I’ve got plenty to spare.” And she’s not lying! If words are a love language, then Amber is fluent! 

We met Amber and Jon a few years ago through the photography world, but we truly bonded over our shared love of fine food, good drink, and puppy snuggles! When they found themselves in Erie for work, we were thrilled they asked us to capture some updated brand photos for them. Amber told us she wanted the full Matt Mead Experience, so we took them through our entire process, including image reveal and print ordering. Planning outfits and choosing locations was extra fun too!  Teri even pulled out some accessories since Amber forgot hers at home.

We got to show them some of our favorite spots while still selecting places that matched their brand aesthetic. We also got to have some brand photos taken of ourselves as well (more on that in another upcoming post!). Still, most importantly, we reaffirmed our love for collaboration with other creative teams!

Amber and Jon Russell of Amber Lea Photography

The Power of Story

In photography, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of a good story.  Ultimately, that is the primary purpose of our work – to tell the story of a moment in time, so it can be frozen and told for years to come. Amber and Jon understand and live by the power of the story. Amber puts it so well when she says, “I believe stories have the power to connect and the power to sell ideas”. She uses the power of story to bring life and connection to brands and business owners worldwide!

Amber & Jon Russell of Amber Lea Photography

Our goal in telling a story for a client is to truly understand who they are, what they love, and how all of that plays into their brand and their message. Amber and Jon’s mutual love for the simple pleasures in life – ice cream, a walk on the beach, movie night under a blanket – is rivaled only by their love for one another, and we wanted to express that in their imagery. We wanted to show how their love for each other inspires them to do great things for others, including helping businesses find their voice in a world full of noise. 

Amber & Jon Russell of Amber Lea Photography

Time for Your Story

We’d love to do the same for you. Every brand has a story to tell, and we want to help you find yours. If you’re ready to dive headfirst into a branding session, send us a message and let’s get started!